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The Best Passive Thermal Design

Efficient passive cooling is the key to avoiding heat related system failures and conserving energy. Studies by the Uptime Institute have shown that a over 63% percentage of cold air in the data center is exhausted without ever cooling servers; it is simply “wasted.” There are two ways to combat this waste. First, the cabinet needs to breathe easily, letting air in and out without resistance. Second, the amount of bypass air needs to be minimized.

The SharkRack T2 cabinet has the most efficient airflow into and out of a cabinet and it minimizes bypass air. In terms of getting air in, the T2 doors offer one of the largest open areas on the market. Plus, the door’s patented SharkFin perforation pattern offers less air resistance than traditional round hole patterns. These features assure air is getting into the cabinet rather going around it as bypass air or wasted cooling.

Inside the T2 cabinet, the innovative use of space helps keep exhaust areas clear, letting air out. The T2 is equipped with six zero-U side spaces which can be used for mounting equipment in the cabinet sides rather than in the read area. Devices like power strips and KVMs are often mounted in the side spaces, keeping the exhaust are more open than typical cabinets. The T2’s integrated cable management further keeps the exhaust areas clear by letting cables pass in the zero-U side space and keeping them neatly dressed in the cabinet rear area.

The T2 cools efficiently, giving it the capacity to handle the hottest blades while protecting your equipment and keeping your energy bill low.

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